THEME and Call For Papers

Three themes are proposed : Space, Time and Meaning. These are intended to encourage - rather than constrain - contributions to the event and we particularly wish to have the broadest possible input to the debate. SPACE is clear enough - we have to understand the quality of the environment; TIME is equally important - how does our view of the environment change as time passes. And, perhaps most importantly- what MEANING do we embed in the images we generate.

Emphasis is on the widest possible ways in which we communicate the three-dimensional representations of our past, present and future built environments; indeed we wish to facilitate the discussion of the relationship amongst these modes of representation.

The “call” is for extended abstracts of between 1000 to 1,200 words with a maximum of two illustrations. Those whose abstracts are accepted will be invited to submit a (max) 8 page paper. The format for the abstract, with a template, is given in the SUBMISSION section of this website. The full paper will be specified in a later version of the website. Decisions on acceptance will be based on the response of an international review committee. Its decision will be final.

There will also two Workshops to take place in advanced of the Conference are being arranged.