On the 6th, there will be a Civic Reception in the magnificent City Chambers. On the 7th, there will be a Conference Dinner in the Art Club http://glasgowartclub.co.uk/. On the 9th there will be a number of Architectural Tours.

Art Club

Co-incident with the Conference there will be an Exhibition in The Lighthouse - home of Scotland’s Architecture and Design Services http://www.thelighthouse.co.uk/– of the life and work of Alexander “Greek” Thomson. Alexander Thomson was born in 9th April 1817 in Balfron, a small village to the north west of Glasgow. In 1868 he was a founding member of the Glasgow Architectural Society, later to become the Glasgow Institute of Architects. Thomson served as Vice President and President. He was a unique interpreter and prolific exponent of a highly personal inspiration of classical architecture in the context of a burgeoning, industrialised city.

Light House

The Exhibition, curated by Mark Baines on behalf of the MSA and the Alexander Thomson Society http://www.alexanderthomsonsociety.org.uk/, will run in conjunction with the Conference, and will look at the development of architectural drawing in the 19th, 20th and 21st century focussing on a selection of the works of “Greek” Thomson including Caledonia Road Church, Queens Park Church, St Vincent Street Church, Tor House, Holmwood, Egyptian Halls and the Cairney Building.

Holmwood House

The Architectural Tours, depending on interest, will include walking Tours of Glasgow City Centre, the Masterworks of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the Masterworks of Alexander "Greek" Thomson.

The City of Glasgow Marketing Bureau can also help organize a myriad of tours to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. https://peoplemakeglasgow.com/